A little bird told me about a great birding site in the Appalachian Mountains

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Approximately 127 bird species can be found on Beech Mountain throughout the year. Because of this great abundance of species, the High Country Audubon Society has recognized the Buckeye Lake Recreation Area as one of two “hot spots” in the area.

During the breeding season, follow the Falls Trail along the creek through a mature forest. Here you can find Cedar Waxwing, Wood Thrush, Veery and a very wide variety of warbler species.

The open areas around the recreation center and lake host Tree, Barn, and Northern Rough-winged Swallows, Indigo Bunting, American Goldfinch, to name just a few. Also listen for Pine Siskin and Red Crossbill, which are often present, especially in good cone crop years on Beech Mountain.

Birding enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the Buckeye Lake Recreation Area, which features a prime mid-to-high elevation forest and lake, as well as a number of other areas on the mountain. Many of Beech Mountain’s natural bird habitats are easily accessible thanks to the town’s extensive network of trails.

Some trails – such as the Upper Pond Creek Trail – even have interpretative guide stations at which you can stop to learn about the flora and fauna of Beech Mountain.

To pick up a free birding checklist, drop by the Beech Mountain Visitors Center at 403-A Beech Mountain Parkway.