Trout Fishing - Beech Mountain

Trout Fishing

Trout anglers have multiple options on Beech Mountain. Two streams – Buckeye Creek and Pond Creek – are part of the High Country Mountain Heritage Trout Water Trail. The trail features those two Beech Mountain streams, along with a nice stretch of the North Toe River in nearby Newland.

The Mountain Heritage Trout Water (MHTW) program is all about convenience. It allows North Carolina residents and non-residents to fish in MHTW streams simply by purchasing a three-day license for just $5. Anglers who already have a statewide fishing license do not need the special MHTW three-day license.

Trout Fishing 004Buckeye Creek is a hatchery-supported stream (open first Saturday in April through last day of February) that flows out of Buckeye Lake, with nearby parking available at the town’s Buckeye Recreation Center. Buckeye Creek has some nice pools and riffles as it flows out of Buckeye Lake, and further downstream are several good fishing areas below a waterfall. It is stocked annually with brown, rainbow and brook trout.

Pond Creek is designated catch-and-release single hook artificial lures only by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Parking for Pond Creek is available off Lakeledge Road at Lake Coffey. Pond Creek has a longer stretch of available water than Buckeye Creek. It is inhabited by native brook trout.

Other options on Beech Mountain are Lake Coffey and Buckeye Lake, two small lakes stocked annually by the Wildlife Resources Commission. Lake Coffey is designated as delayed harvest trout waters, while Buckeye Lake is designated hatchery supported. Both receive a large annual infusion of brown, rainbow and brook trout. Anglers need a regular North Carolina inland license to fish in those lakes.

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To purchase a three-day Mountain Heritage Trout Water license for just $5, call 888-248-6834 or click here.

To download a PDF of the below trout waters map of Beech Mountain, click here

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