Answers to the little-known facts about Beech Mountain quiz

Prepared by the Beech Mountain Historical Society

1) The answer is (3). The Wizard of Oz inspired the creation of the Land of Oz theme park on Beech Mountain.

2) The answer is (1). About 40,000 yellow bricks make up the famous yellow brick road.

3) The answer is (2). Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher attended the grand opening of the Land of Oz.

4) The answer is (1). The Autumn at Oz annual celebration of the original theme park began in 1995.

5) Trick question! Answer (2) is correct, as this is when the theme park originally closed. But answer (4) is also correct, as it has been re-opened for an annual celebration, special events and tours since 1995.

6) The Carolina Caribbean Corporation (CCC) was the name of the developing corporation which was responsible for turning the mountain into a resort destination.  A sister resort called the Reef on St. Croix was built by CCC at the same time. Members could fly into Beech for skiing in the winter and then fly to their condo at the Reef for water sports and golf. In the Beech Tree Village (it was called the Beech Tree Inn) in what is currently Beech Mountain Resort, and the building is now known as the Tap Room and Grill. All property owners were automatically Club members.

7) The Beech Mountain Club Clubhouse was originally in the Beech Mountain Ski Resort’s village. It was called the Beech Tree Inn.  All property owners were automatically Club members. The building is now known as the Beech Mountain Brewery Tap Room and Grill.

8) It is now part of the Elk River Club, which was separated out of Beech Mountain during the bankruptcy of the developer Carolina Caribbean Corporation in 1975.

9) Grover Robbins had the dream of a four-season resort. He and his brother Harry created the Carolina Caribbean Corporation and began the development that became the Town of Beech Mountain, including the Club and ski resort, that we know today.

10) Three golf courses were planned, but only Grassy Gap Golf Course, where the Club house now sits, was built. The one in Elk River was to be a Beech golf course and another was planned for the “bowl area” but the bankruptcy interrupted the construction of that course. Faint markings for that course could still be seen in the recent past.

11) Beech Mountain was to be an alpine-themed village. Robbins had control over the types of houses which could be built. In all, five Alpine styles and one round house style were approved. These chalets and round houses still dot the mountain.

12) It was a private club in the basement of the Beech Tree Inn which was open to all property owners for $100 dues per year. It was dedicated to World War I fliers and Baron von Richthofen, the Red Baron, in particular. The actual WWI-era piano from the Red Baron Room is in the Beech Mountain Museum.  

13) There are 12 main trails. The EMO (Emerald Mountain Outback) is a large trail system that is divided into 8 individually named parts. From waterfalls to pristine woodlands, majestic overlooks and incredible rock formations…Beech Mountain is known for its wide variety of trails offering adventure for individuals with different fitness levels.

14) The total hiking trail milage changes from time to time due to necessary adjustments. As of January 2021, if you traversed every hiking trail, your pedometer would read a total of 28.47 miles. 

15) The oldest hiking trail on Beech is the Upper Pond Creek trail located off Tamarack Road.  It runs along an old logging road and the former bed of the narrow-gauge railroad used for logging during the early 1900’s.

16) The Beech Mountain Parks & Recreation Department maintains the trails. Volunteers are invited to help with up-keep through the Town Adopt A Trail Program managed by the Buckeye Recreation Center.

17) The newest hiking trail is Buckeye Lake Loop which as its name implies, circles around the Lake and is a moderate, 1.6-mile hike.

18) You can hike on Beech Mountain all year long.  In the spring you will witness budding vegetation and re-birth.  In the summer lush greenery and flowing waterfalls along with flowering bushes adorn the mountain. Fall offers a kaleidoscope of color and leaf-looking. In the winter, trails are less crowded and offer long-range views.

19) Leashed dogs are allowed on trails and the Town has a Bark Park located uphill from Town Hall near the Kite Field.

20) There are paved trails.  The Greenway connects the Bark Park to the Beech Mountain Parkway through the center of Town.  Lake Coffey is partially paved and includes a wooden boardwalk circling the lake which is stocked annually with fish.  This walking trail is the location for the Kiddo Fishing Derby and is about a quarter mile in length.  The Buckeye Rec Center walking track is a third of a mile, circles the Recreation Center and is dotted with pick-your-own apple and pear trees.

21) The Clyde Beatty Circus was coming to Town and the trucks could not haul the elephants up the mountain.

22) Sky Dive

23) Beech Mountain Resort’s first ski lifts. The lifts were painted to match their names.

24) These athletes came to Beech Mountain to compete in the North Carolina Ski Cup professional ski races. Huge purses of $15,000 to $30,000 brought these skiers to Beech Mountain’s slopes in the 1970’s.

25) $20 was the price of an adult weekend lift ticket.

26) Pole Cats are snow guns on tall poles, considered much superior to some earlier snow making models. Beech has kept up with latest snow making technology and has automated Pole Cats on its slopes.

27) Grass skis. This short-lived sport used strap-on rolling treads, which tended to twist ankles, hips and knees!

28) The answer is (3). Buckeye Lake serves as the reservoir for the Town of Beech Mountain. While swimming in the lake is not allowed, Parks and Recreation provides non-motorized boats for a day of fun.

29) The answer is (4). The Town provides a free sledding hill, weather permitting, for kids 12 and under.

  1. The answer is (1). Buckeye Creek Road provides paved access to the west of town, leading to Highway 321 and eastern Tennessee.
  1. The answer is (3). Shane Outpost Park opened in 2020, and more amenities will be added in 2021.
  2. Amelanchier arborea, Serviceberry, or the Sarvis tree indicates spring when it blooms.
  1. Felis rufus, Bobcats, or Wildcats, hunt smaller mammals and shy away from people.
  1. Taiasciurus hudsonicus, Red Squirrel or Boomer are the names of this tiny native squirrel.
  1. Cryptobranchusalleganiensis, or Eastern Hellbender, is a rare, giant type of salamander that is only found in cooler running waters, usually above 2500 feet in elevation.
  1. The answer is (2). The town is home to at least 350 people, and the 2020 census is expected to show a greater number of full-time residents calling Beech Mountain home.
  1. The answer is (3). The population during ski season swells to an estimated 10,000 people.
  1. The answer is (3). The highest peak in the Town of Beech Mountain is 5,506 feet above sea level.
  1. The answer is (1). Lance Armstrong and his team trained on Beech Mountain, repeatedly racing up the Beech Mountain Parkway from Banner Elk.
  1. The answer is (3). In 2020, the 53 businesses within the Town of Beech Mountain generated an estimated $54 million dollars for the local economy, and provided over 700 jobs.

THANKS to the Beech Mountain Historical Society (BMHS) for creating this quiz.